Gutsy Mama Podcast

Well, folks, it’s really happening.  gutsy-podcast-squareDrumroll, please…..the Gutsy Mama Podcast is here!  And it’s on RSS and iTunes.  Subscribe, review and enjoy!

My podcast partner, Nicole, and I have recorded several episodes already and are having a blast doing it.  We have a list of at least 40 topics we want to cover and have a list of over 80 possible guests (now that’ll take some coordination and time to get them on…).  The equipment is in place in my home studio (so cool so have one, who knew a well-insulated office would end up coming in handy and who knew a mixer board could be so fun!).

So who is this Nicole, you might ask?  Well, I’ll wait until you hear the first episode to find out the details about who she is (and who I am if you don’t quite feel like you know me yet).

Our first few episodes are general but just wait and we’ll dig into more organized topics and bonus stuff.  It gets more serious in episode 5…

Have any questions or suggestions for us to cover?  Please send them to  There’s going to be a Facebook page you can follow and we’ll definitely be looking forward to you SHARE-ing the podcasts with your friends and family!  Fair warning, though, there are some words used that you may not appreciate so if you can’t stand a little bit of profanity or the word vagina, this podcast isn’t for you!

Who IS this podcast for?  Those who are interested in…

  • good conversation
  • laughing
  • relationships
  • birth
  • breastfeeding
  • parenting
  • mommy self-care
  • travel
  • encouragement

We’re here for you.  Let’s get it on, girls!  Send your ideas today!

Click here to listen/subscribe via RSS feed.

Click here to listen/subscribe via iTunes.

Note:  although the blog/website/Facebook page is called One Gutsy Mama, it’s not that there is just one gutsy mama…we’re just hoping to showcase one gutsy mama at a time and grow our audience one gutsy mama at a time.  Be part of the Gutsy Mama Tribe!


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