Gutsy Beyond Comprehension

Yesterday I attended the beautiful natural birth of a baby boy.  His mama was gutsy and despite a powerful labor and being forced to spend her labor in bed (for no good reason, by the way, just sayin’), she did it the way she had wanted to–all natural!  Then I went and spent a few hours with more gutsy mamas at one of my breastfeeding groups.  We talked about nursing, teeth coming in, pumping, making more milk and being gutsy when other people in our lives discourage us from doing what we feel is best for our children.

After that, I gathered with friends to share hugs and tears as we remembered the inspirational little boy of a friend of ours.  Little Kai’s life was filled with hugs and kisses and tests and blood draws.  He may not have realized it, but he brought a community together even tighter.  His mom, Kerri, is a gutsy mama beyond comprehension.  Starting with the day he was diagnosed, she blogged craftily for 18 months about his illness, his fight and her feelings.  She inspired us all in different ways.  She welcomed us into her world.  She smiled.  She shared deep thoughts and emotions that no mother should ever have to experience.  We cried with her.  And she smiled again.  Her words inspired us to appreciate our kids even more.  She taught us to trust our intuition and to welcome the help and support of others.  And we come together as a community to support her and other families whose children are sick.

Ultimately, it was a surreal day, starting with birth and ending with death.  But it was also an honor to be present for both celebrations.  To be part of something so special and precious and magical, wow.  The kind of day where I sat with my family around the dinner table with a delicious meal and a glass of wine and marveled in the power of the day and the love I have for the people I share my life with.

What makes YOU marvel?

P.S.  If you want to learn more about this gutsy mama and Kai’s story (all of which I really hope will become a book someday), see Kerri’s blog,  There’s also a huge Holiday Market (45 vendors) in Grafton on Saturday, December 8th to support Kerri and others…see Kai’s Village website for details on how you can get all of your shopping while raising money for great people!


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