What is a “gutsy mama”?

Yes, I’m a gutsy mama.  And yes, so are you.  Don’t we all have a gutsy mama inside of us?  I certainly hope so.  It would be a sad world without gutsy mamas in every family.  We may not be gutsy all the time, but that gutsy mama is there.  Whether quiet or loud, she’s there.

A gutsy mama…

  • decides what’s right for her and her family
  • speaks up about what’s right
  • enjoys life and shares her joys with others
  • can be silly as much as she can be serious
  • admits she isn’t perfect
  • works to make the world a better place
  • enjoys a good whine as much as a good wine

Why did I create this blog?  To have an outlet for my rants, my joys, my frustrations, talk about things that make me exceedingly happy and things that make me mad or sad…and anything else I’m thinking about.  Have any ideas for topics?  Gimme a shout and let me know.


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