One gutsy mama at a time…

Hi, there.  Are you a gutsy mama?  Don’t you want to be?  Who wouldn’t?  I know that I love witnessing gutsy mamas (and papas) anytime I can.  And helping them be even more gutsy is part of my mission in life.

Let’s start with the inspiration for this blog…I think it takes guts to put yourself out there in the world.  Especially as woman in America, we’re raised (if we’re honest with ourselves) to almost always feel like we have to look good and behave, lest we be judged.  Then go and get pregnant, whoa–now we’re really being judged for our choices!  Heck , most people don’t even let us know there are choices.  They just tell us what to do…cuz you know, you did the most private act to GET pregnant (whether it’s sex or a more medicalized version of sex) and they would have NEVER told you how to do THAT…but now that you are pregnant, they feel like they can comment on what you should do with your vagina.  Right?  Hello, no, I say!  As a childbirth educator and birth doula, I hear it all the time from my clients:  “am I allowed to ____?”, “will they let me _____?”.  Wow, I thought we were grown-ups here.  Turns out we are, just fearful ones.  Lacking knowledge and confidence.  We’re about to raise a friggin’ human, though, so it’s TIME TO GET GUTSY!  One mama at a time, I say!

This blog is about being gutsy in any part of life.  I’ll write about being gutsy throughout my experiences and talk about others’ experiences, whether in pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, parenting my two kids or even comment on other parenting theories, or just talk about life in general.  No subject is off limits!  Have something you want me to write about, please, please, let me know!

~ Jeanette…one proud gutsy mama!


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